How to participate in the Columbus Hub Academy?


You might be interested in knowing more about the Columbus Hub Academyhow you can start to develop projects, our services and success stories before deciding to take part. Please before starting, explore this website. 

In order to create your private account, please check if your University is member whether of Columbus or the European University Association. Please note this service is only open to member universities.  If you don’t fulfill the required profile, the platform will automatically deny your access after the account creation.

Then you are able to do the Registration in the button below. With a private account, you will be able to:

  • Get started in the design of your international collaborative project, accessing to private material:  guidelines, tutorials and videos. 
  • Create a project idea and launch the idea for finding a suitable partner within the Columbus and EUA member’s network in Europe or Latin-America
  • Receive proposals to join a project created by a colleague of the network 
  • Have with you partner, a private social-academic network and e-tools to enhance the interaction among your students during the implementation of your projects.
  • Access to success stories developed in the Columbus Hub Academy and in other similar initiatives. 
  • Enhance your academic and professional network in the topics of your interest.