The Columbus Hub Academy includes a set of services that ease the implementation of collaborative online international learning, with methodologies, tools and instruments that stimulate the development of successful projects.



Where to start?






on the Columbus Hub Academy platform (you must be a teacher with active courses / subjects at any of the member universities of the Columbus Association and/or the EUA).





Choose your Course 

of all your courses, decide in which you would like to implement the project and propose a first idea of collaborative work (access our guides and specialized support, if you need them)




Look for a Partner

Propose your project idea on the platform and the automatic search for partners will be activated. If you already have your partner, go to the next step.




Fine-tune the Project with your Partner

Fine-tune the project together and get it started (online tools, learning objectives, start date, evaluation schemes, etc.)




   Get Certificates for you and your students

    Once the project is finished, we will evaluate the international and intercultural experience of the students and we will deliver a certificate for the project participants.. 





Tips for a Successful Project










Start with a Good Idea




Use Friendly Technology




A good idea takes into account what students will put into practice in an international environment.




Technology is a means, not an end. Agree with your partner to use the most easily accessible tools for both. 














Be Rigorous and Flexible at the Same Time




Communicate Assertively




Maintain a balance between flexibility and strict compliance with the project implementation phases.




Constant and clear communication is key in the different phases of the project, both with your partner and with the students. 




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