Columbus offers support services to its member and EUA member universities to support the development of successful collaborative projects.






Platform Services




§  Matching: automatic mechanism that allows teachers in the network to post their ideas searching for partners, or to find teachers in the network who are looking for partners for their ideas.



§  Hub Academy Social Network: alll registered teachers and projects in the implementation phase have access to the Hub Academy social network, where students can interact in a space with a common identity for all projects.




§  Resourses: teachers have access to a digital resources database for projects shared for other users in the network.  






Coaching Services 




§  Guides: Columbus has developed guides and instructions available on the platform to support the design and development phases of its projects.




§  Coaching: Columbus offers one to one support available to teachers who wish to receive advice to refine project ideas, selection tools, interaction with peers, among others.




§  Awareness & TrainingColumbus has experts who offer training and ideation workshops for professors and training to university personnel whose function is to facilitate the implementation of the Hub Academy in their universities..






Evaluation and Certification Services 



§  Projects Evaluation: all Hub Academy projects have a feedback assessment on the international and intercultural experience of participating students.




§  Certificates: professors and students who have completed a project receive a certificate of participation granted by the Columbus Association.




§  Dissemination of Good Practices: the Columbus team will ensure that the results of the projects are disseminated through all its channels.







Experts at your Service




Kelly Henao Romero

leads the Columbus Hub Academy strategy and coaching services. 



Jesús G. Ariza Cera

leads the evaluation, certification and dissemination of good practices. 



Daniel Samoilovich

promotes alliances and strategies at the institutional level.