Internationalisation as a means to Improve Oral Communication Skills


Marketing / International Business


The objective of this project is to allow communication in multicultural environments for students so they are able to present and discuss a topic with their peers. Simultaneously, the activity provides opportunity for practising Business English among non-native speakers, a fundamental tool for future professional scenarios.


Learning activities:Small groups of Portuguese students of Business English 1 will interact with one Mexican student on a project they are developing in the subject International Framework for Sustainable Development with the aim of improving their presentation techniques. Several stages will take place - Stage1: brief introduction with upload of independent videos; Stage 2: presentation of the project by Mexican students to Portuguese students with videoconference; Stage 3: Portuguese students post a video on presentation tips and techniques; Stage 4: Mexican students improve their presentation using the guidelines provided by Portuguese counterparts via videoconference, followed by comment by Portuguese students; Stage 5: exchange of opinions on strengths and weaknesses of the activity via videoconference.




Number of students of the course: 76: 13 - Universidad de Colima &63 - Universidade de Aveiro


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:November - December 2018


Claudia Amaral Santos
Universidade de Aveiro

Claudia Prado
Universidad de Colima