Negociating Buying a Mexican Agricultural Product


Marketing and International Business


This project aims to provide to students an international perspective of negotiation when buying an agricultural product as well as providing elements to understand the process and the importance of the negotiation techniques, while fostering the international experience of students.


Learning activities:In this project, students will identify agricultural producers in Colima; identify local procedures and tendencies regarding agricultural movements; identify the agricultural buyers in Portugal; identify the ways in which negotiate buying a local agricultural product is similar in different parts of the world; identify global and local tendencies negotiation of agricultural product and analyse and propose negotiation strategies.


Results:At the end of the curricular unit students are expected to understand the challenges, characteristics and the potential of negotiation techniques, as well as to propose negotiation strategies for Mexican agricultural products. Students will be able to negotiate with people from different cultures, use different negotiation approaches learn how to establish negotiations to reach international agreements


Number of students of the course:51: 31 - Universidad de Aveiro / 20 - Universidad de Colima


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:November - December, 2018


Valentina Chkoniya
Universidade de Aveiro

Francisco Haro Vallejas
Universidad de Colima