Descriptive statistics - Behavior in Social Networks - Argentina and Colombia




In this project, students of the first semesters of the Universidad Católica de Colombia and Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina conducted an applied research using tools and concepts of applied statistics, referring to the use of social networks and mobility in Colombia and Argentina.


Learning activities:Using descriptive statistics exercises, the students collected data and learned about the differences in the behavior of these two countries, interpreting the different variables. The groups tested the use of statistical tools, performed data analysis and presented the results of their research to their peers.


Results:At the end of the project, students presented an analysis of the use of social networks using statistical tools comparing the situation in Argentina and Colombia.


Number of students of the course:6 Católica / 10 Belgrano


Language of collaboration:Spanish


Duration:March-June 2018


Susana Mejía
Universidad Católica de Colombia

Diana Atar
Universidad de Belgrano