Eating Local, Eating Healthy


Marketing and Business


This project proposed to students of both universities to design improvements in local food distribution channels, focused on the needs of a local client in Colima. Students could identify the ways in which the local movement of healthy foods is similar in different parts of the world, analyze global and local trends respecting fresh food movements and propose improvements in the distribution channel strategies.


Learning activities:This project developed activities in the framework of the "Force and distribution of sales" course in Universidade de Aveiro and "Integrated workshop" course in Universidad de Colima. Students conducted interviews to different stakeholders, made research about statistics, market trends, consumer behavior, market analysis and distribution channel's analysis.


Results:Based on the market and distribution channel's analysis, students proposed solutions and improvements to the distribution chain of the companies they were assigned.


Number of students of the course:39 - Universidad de Aveiro / 10 - Universidad de Colima


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:April - May, 2018


Valentina Chkoniya
Universidade de Aveiro

Yunuen Soto
Universidad de Colima