Developing Digital Marketing Strategies for Revista Enfoques


Marketing and Business


In this project, students must advise the Board of Managers of Revista Enfoques that decided to expand operations and were analyzing the idea of strengthening the business through opening a new branch or franchise. After analyzing some concepts as marginal productivity of labor and franchising, students must determine which option is the best for the company according to its needs. Additionally, after the company decided to focus their efforts on developing an e-mail marketing campaign, students must determine which proposal is the best for the magazine after receiving proposals from two marketing companies.


Learning activities: The learning activities of this project were divided into two different types: Learning to know: marginal productivity, labor demand curve of a company, individual labor supply, supply, unemployment, types of businesses, and short run and long run; small enterprise and franchises, and business owner; financial administration; and math principles. Learning to do: calculation of labor demand of a business, labor supply, short-run and long-run marginal returns to labor; and identification of types of business ownership.


Results: Students understood the concept of marginal productivity of labor. In addition, they are able to determine benefits and disadvantages of franchising.


Number of students of the course: 41: 26 - Universidad de Aveiro / 15 - Universidad de Colima


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:October - December, 2017


Belem Barbosa
Universidade de Aveiro

Claudia Prado
Universidad de Colima