Eating Local: Identifying Distribution Channels for Local Food with an International Perspective


Marketing and Trade / International Business


Students from three universities, Universidad de Colima in Mexico, Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal and University of Florida in the USA collaborated in a project aimed to foster the commercialization of local food in Colima, Mexico. Students from University of Colima and University of Florida worked in teams interviewing local farmers/producers to identify ways in which they advertise their products to their local community. The results were presented to students from Universidade de Aveiro, they acted as consulting companies that advised on how to improve the local farmers’ distribution channels.


Learning activities: ● First phase: ○ Students from Colima and Florida interviewed local farmers with the objective to identify how they are marketing their products. ○ Teams were created pairing students from Colima and Florida ○ Teams identified common practices and main differences, as a way to learn their marketing practices. ○ Findings were presented to the Portuguese students. ● Second phase: ○ Portuguese students were organized in teams, each team acted as a consulting company ○ The consulting company used the information provided by the international teams and provided feedback and strategies on how to change/improve their distribution channels.


Results: At the end of the project, teams presented a plan to improve districution channels to local farmers/producers in Colima, Mexico.


Number of students of the course: 111: 48 - Universidad de Colima, 50 - Universidade de Aveiro & 13 - University of Florida


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:February - June 2017


Belem Barbosa
Universidade de Aveiro

Valentina Chkoniya
Universidade de Aveiro

Claudia Prado
Universidad de Colima