Introduction to Public Sector Economics: a Comparative Study between Mexico and Argentina


Economics / Social Sciences


This project aimed to develop in students competencies for the comparative analysis of public sector economies by studyng the cases of Mexico and Argentina.


Learning activities: Under a tutorial scheme, the teachers guided the progress and development of the work that the students developed with their peers in the partner university. To formalize their work, students communicated asynchronously and at the end they presented the results to the rest of the class. The results of the work were available prior to the final session, so that the other groups could prepare their comments. In addition to the content elements that enrich the study of economics under a methodology of comparative analysis in two Latin American countries, students tested their research, teamwork and negotiation skills, as well as verbal and written communication skills.


Results: In groups composed of Argentine and Mexican undergraduate students, an essay about the state of public finances in Mexico and Argentina was prepared. Students had to take into account theoretical elements presented by the professors about the economies of both countries through several shared virtual classes.


Number of students of the course: 30


Language of collaboration:Spanish


Duration: October - November 2016


Maria Laura Rabasedas
Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Jose Manuel Orozco
Universidad de Colima