Cuyutlan Salt in Search of European Market


Marketing and Trade / International Business


In this project, the goal was to develop an exportation business plan for the Cooperative Society Salineros of Colima, the leading producer of salt in Cuyutlán. This project involved undergraduates of marketing at the University of Aveiro, Portugal and undergraduates in international business from the University of Colima, Mexico.


Learning activities: The tasks performed by Mexican students included a proposal to expand the marketing channels of the Company. Portuguese students acted primarily as digital marketing consultants, in order to help their counterparts from Colima to choose the best way to integrate digital channels in the international business strategy that they intended to implement. Moreover, the Portuguese students developed a plan of e-marketing, and created a website project for the internationalization of the Company. Students of both parties participated in video conferences in order to exchange information and consult with peers during week 2 of the project. Then the teams exchanged information when was required by email or in the group within the Hub Academy.


Results: At the end of the process, teams of Portugal, created a proposal by video that was shared with partners. This video explained the website they have created for the project. Mexican students were invited to evaluate these proposals anonymously.


Number of students of the course: 26: 11 - Universidad de Colima &15 - Universidade de Aveiro


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:September – October 2016


Belem Barbosa
Universidade de Aveiro

Claudia Prado
Universidad de Colima