Coffee Experience


Marketing Strategy and Distribution and Sales Force


The main objective of this project is to improve the digital experience in a Place of purchase that in this case is a coffee shop.


Learning activities:In this project, students will Identify the ways in which the local coffee shops experience is similar in different parts of the world; identify the coffee shops in Portugal; identify global and local tendencies regarding digital experience in coffee shops movements and analyze and propose digital strategy at the place of purchase and distribution channel strategies.


Results:At the end of the curricular unit students are expected to understand the challenges, characteristics and the potential of distribution and sales force, as well as to propose management strategies for these marketing tools, including digital experience. They will also understand the local coffee shop marketing strategies, including digital experience, as well as to propose management strategies for these marketing tools.


Number of students of the course:74: 50 - Universidad de Aveiro / 24 - Universidad de La Sabana


Language of collaboration:English


Duration:February - May, 2019


Valentina Chkoniya
Universidade de Aveiro

Carlos Ariza Tovar
Universidad de La Sabana