Intercultural Education




The project of intercultural education consisted in making evident to the students of the course, the existence of the self-constructed knowledge that the indigenous cultures of each country possess; For this purpose, different methodological and pedagogical strategies were used that allowed the recognition of other logics of thought, of knowledge and teachings of these peoples, generating a permanent dialogue with the actors in order to root the ancestral culture.


Learning activities:From Uniminuto- UVD and the Universidad Veracruzana, several intercultural teaching competences were developed in the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy and Pedagogy, respectively, to be implemented in indigenous communities and to help strengthen initial education based on the foundations of decolonial pedagogies and making it possible to apprehend with the "other". The activities were carried out jointly and consisted in a documentary review on the decolonial pedagogies, the inclusion policies of each country as well as to investigate, about the way in which the State protects the rights of the indigenous cultures among them, the right to education.


Results: The students submitted pedagogical proposals to implement in the initial education of the indigenous communities from the innate knowledge and daily dynamics of the said cultures and finally they constructed a reflexive essay based on the following question: how indigenous cultures implement their own pedagogical models in the school as a symbol of resistance to the westernization of the education of their children? The essay was socialized in work tables with the final objective of reflecting on the importance of acquiring methodological and pedagogical skills for the timely and assertive attention of this kind of population.


Number of students in the project:65: 40 - Uniminuto (Colombia) / 25 - Universidad Veracruzana (México)


Language of collaboration:Spanish


Duration:May - June, 2019


Claudia Casas Trujillo

Jessica Badillo Guzmán
Universidad Veracruzana