Since the launch of the Columbus Hub Academy, more than 200 academics registered and several projects are at different stages: proposal, negotiation, implementation:


Projects in development or in the preparation phase


Cultivarte - Eco-Amigablemente Sostenible

The objective of this project is the joint development of a business and marketing plan between international teams of students from Colombia and Mexico who study Business Administration and Food Engineering respectively. The plan will be applied to the production of flavoring and aromatic plants from rural producers of Morro Chusco, San Simón Parte Baja and Perico of the Municipality of Ibagué (Tolima Colombia), gathered in an Association of women from the same region. The plan must determine the real needs of the market or potential customers, develop and launch the products (modules of spices and aromatic plants) and services (module design, care and establishment of modules according to the needs or taste of the clients) in an orderly manner and establish through which channels would be introduced in the market.

Universities: Uniminuto & TEC de Monterrey

Leaders: Byron Armando Rico - Colombia, & Ignacio González Sánchez - Mexico

Disciplines: Business Administration (Innovation and creativity for the generation of business ideas) and Food Engineering (Organizational Culture and Technological Innovation)

Number of students of the course: 20 - Uniminuto / 10 - Tec de Monterrey

Language of collaboration: Spanish

Duration: August-October 2018


Descriptive statistics - Behavior in Social Networks - Argentina and Colombia

The students conducted an applied research on the use that students make of social networks in Colombia and Argentina. Through descriptive statistics exercises, they learned about the differences in the behaviors of these two countries. The groups tested the use of statistical tools, data analysis and presentation of conclusions.

Universities: Universidad Católica de Colombia & Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina

Leaders: Diana Atar (Belgrano) & Susana Mejía (UCC)

Disciplines: Statistics / Psychology

• Number of students: 6 Catholic / 9 Belgrano

Duration: March - June 2018


Investments in a global context

The students will work in international teams on a business project, on which they will elaborate a market research and the technical study of a new investment project, complemented by a financial study and the evaluation of the feasibility of the investment project.

Universities: University of Aveiro, Portugal and University of Colima, Mexico

Leaders: Prof. Ricardo Castellanos (Mexico) & Elisabete Vieira (Portugal)

Disciplines: Business Finances (Portugal) and Investments (Mexico)

• Number of students: 30 (Aveiro)/20 (Colima)

Language of collaboration: Spanish

Duration: August-October 2018


Developed projects


Eating Local-Eating Healthy

This project proposed to students of both universities to design improvements in local food distribution channels, focused on the needs of the client. This project developed activities between the courses on force and distribution of sales (Aveiro) and integrated workshop (Colima), so that the students could identify the ways in which the local movement of healthy foods is similar in different parts of the world, global trends and local with respect to fresh food movements and Analyze and propose distribution channel strategies

 • Universities: University of Aveiro and University of Colima.

Leaders: Valentina Chkoniya (Aveiro) & Yunuen Soto (Colima)

Disciplines: Marketing (Portugal) & International Business (Mexico)

Number of students: 38 (Aveiro) / 10 (Colima)

Duration: April to June 2018

• Language: English


Developing digital marketing strategies for Revista Enfoques

A real case was proposed to the students of this project. The Board of Directors of Revista Enfoques in Mexico, decided to expand its operations and analyzed the idea of strengthening the business by opening a new branch or franchise. Mexican students developed a BUSINESS PLAN FOR GROWTH. Portuguese students designed a dissemination campaign via email for the Magazine. The results were presented to the Director of the Magazine who selected the winning team.

Leaders: Belem Barbosa, Aveiro; Claudia Marcela Prado-Meza, Colima

Disciplines: Digital Marketing (third year, Bs. In Marketing) (Aveiro) and International Business, first year (Colima)

Universities: University of Aveiro and University of Colima.

• Number of students: 34 from Aveiro (including Erasmus students from Spain, Slovenia, France and Italy) and 15 students from Colima.

Duration - October to December 2017

• Language: English


 Business Opportunities between Chile and Colombia

This project sought to identify business opportunities between Colombia and Chile, through the identification of exportable products to the Chilean market from Colombia, generating the export proposal for each country within the framework of the trade agreements between Colombia and Chile. The scheme for Colombians required to find out aspects about Chile macro-economic environment, government regulations, sanitary for exportable products, etc., according to the structure of each subject in each country. At the end, each group of students had to present a report as a result of the inquiry.

Leaders: Andrés Tobar- Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile) and Veronica Tordecilla- Universidad Tecnologica de Bolívar (Colombia)

Disciplines: Business Simulation and Politics and Economic Integration

Universities: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile) and Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (Colombia)

Number of students: 40 UTB / 25 PUCV.

Duration: September - November 2016


Eating local. Identifying distribution channels for local food with an international perspective

First collaboration in incorporating 3 universities, including a university from the USA, University of Florida. Mexican and American students identified the reasons why producers are interested in becoming involved in the local food movement. The Portuguese students acted as advisers to improve the distribution channels of local farmers. The results were presented to authorities of SAGARPA - Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, of Mexico.

Leaders: Lariza Chong, UF, Belem Barbosa, Aveiro; Claudia Prado-Meza, Colima.

Universities: University of Aveiro (Portugal), University of Colima (Mexico) and University of Florida (USA).

Disciplines: Marketing, International Business, Geography of crop plants.

Number of students: 80

Duration: Jan 2017 - Jun 2017

Language: English


Projects in search of partners 

Global Health - Evidence-based medical decision-making - Mexico

Urban regulation and land policies in Latin America - Mexico

Public policies in early and primary education - Colombia

IT Solutions to Environmental Problems - Colombia

Mechanical design of wind turbines - Belgium

Cross-cultural study of work-family friendly organizations: Towards a Universal Index of Conciliation (UNIC) - Mexico

Strategies based on the Strategic Performance Measurement Systems SMDE -Colombia


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