The Columbus Hub Academy provides a friendly virtual environment to facilitate your international project


  1. We support teachers to find a partner within our network of members. It’s only required teachers propose an attractive project idea in the platform.
  2. We offer guidelines and support materials for teachers to design and build-up the collaboration with their partners. 
  3. A dedicated social-network to facilitate academic and intercultural interaction between teachers and students through: document and video sharing, publication of recording and notes, event organization, progress monitoring, etc. Each project counts on its own social-media group.
  4. Website space for sharing digital-virtual resources to support teaching and learning activities within the projects. 
  5. We will disseminate the results of successful projects, to support innovative teachers and inspire new projects. 
  6. Available space in the Columbus Communication Platform (Adobe Connect) for videoconferencing with international partners.


Access is free to all Columbus and EUA members

The Columbus Hub Academy is a multilateral initiative, meaning that you can chose – and even invite – your partner from any Columbus or EUA member. Its team will be present all along helping and guiding you. We will offer you technical support and guide you on the matching system to ensure that you find the right partner with complementary knowledge and skills to work together on a shared project. 

How to get access?

If you are a teacher or a student, member of Columbus or EUA associations, you can register to the platform. 

Please go to the menu Home, then choose your category and follow the steps for registration. If you are not a member of one of these organisations, the platform will automatically deny your access during the account creation process.